BK Servo DS-7003HV-Cykl Servo K.Stacy edit.-3 set

BK Servo DS-7003HV-Cykl Servo K.Stacy edit.-3 set

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Artikl:  DS-7003HV-3



We are happy to introduce the new Kyle Stacy edition servos from BK Servo. After many months of research and testing, we have developed two very unique servos:

DS-7003HV Cyclic Servo - 3 kusy sada na cykliku

•Perfect balance between speed and torque
•Completely redesigned and unique, thermal efficient CNC case
•Sold individually or as a set of 3


Operation Voltage: 6V - 8.4V
Weight: 65g (2.29 Oz)
Torque: 26.8 kg/cm (372.18 oz/in) @ 8.4V
22.3 kg/cm (309.68 oz/in) @ 7.4V
19.5 kg/cm (265.94 oz/in) @ 6V
Speed: 0.065 sec/60 @ 8.4V
0.078 sec/60 @ 7.4V
0.085 sec/60 @ 6V
Dimensions: 20x40x37 mm
Frequency: 1520us/333 hz

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