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High-quality electronic speed controller, specially developed for small electric helicopters with electric motors drawing up to 25 Amperes.

Controller with small dimensions, designed to cope efficiently with the special thermal requirements of continuous hovering.

eps - Easy programming system.

hec - High pulse frequency provides fine control of initial rotation of the rotor head; very economical on current in the part-load range. Reduces the thermal load on the electric motor and guards against de-magnetisation.

Super-BEC - the 5 Volt receiver power supply is designed to provide a maximum current of 2.5 A. For safety reasons the usual BEC overheating protection circuit is disabled to prevent any danger of the receiver electronics being switched off suddenly.

TP - Thermal overload protection of the output stage: reduces the throttle setting by about 20% to indicate the onset of overheating, instead of switching the controller off. Switches back to normal throttle setting automatically after cooling.

PCO - Low voltage protection, switches the electric motor off at around 5 Volts.
POR - Power-on guard. Prevents the rotor spinning accidentally - an important safety measure.

Rx filter - Motor interference and invalid signal suppression.

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